Such a Pretty Girl

"Tough, darkly humorous, yet achingly vulnerable. A nail-biter of an ending."

-- Kirkus starred review

"This terrifying,  powerful novel of child abuse and molestation is told by fifteen year-old Meredith as it is happening.

Her voice is whip-smart, self-aware and full of dry humor...

This novel is perfectly paced, the momentum never slowing as it races toward the inevitable showdown. Mature teens who enjoy realistic fiction with an edge will devour it."

4Q, 4P S -- VOYA 

Such a Pretty Girl

Celebrates 10 Years in Print!


  1.  Where did you get the idea for this story?

A.  A news show was doing a story about convicted child molesters being released from prison. If I remember correctly, one of the statistics quoted was that the average pedophile molests anywhere from nine to twelve children before he's caught. That number was considered more of a guesstimate than solid fact, as this type of heinous crime isn't always reported, and so some molesters destroy dozens of lives before they're caught.

Some go on for years, some forever.

Hearing this made me really angry and that initial surge of fury birthed Meredith, the main character in Such a Pretty Girl.

Then I started wondering how many sexual offenders never had to molest other peoples' children because  they were busy having and molesting children of their own. That thought, with all of its ugly ramifications, pretty much sealed the idea for me and launched the research for this book.

So that's how Such a Pretty Girl was born, in a flash of fury, frustration and an overwhelming need for Meredith, a girl stuck in hell but refusing to give up, to share her story.  

Laura Wiess

Welcome to the Asylum

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Is Such a Pretty Girl a true story?

Pretty Girl is fiction so no, Meredith and her story aren't real. With that said, based on research during writing the book (especially speaking with survivors of childhood sexual abuse) and the avalanche of reader emails that come in, I can say with certainty that yes, there are plenty of kids out there who told their moms about the sexual abuse and for whatever reason, the kids were hushed up, ignored and left to deal with it on their own.

So, while the Shale family is fictional, the extreme betrayal of a father molesting his children and the mother turning away and pretending not to see is not anywhere near as uncommon as we would all desperately like to believe.

And the child remains alone in the nightmare.


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